JAN 2017: I appear in the up and coming film, After the Sun Fell, based on the play “The Morning The Sun Fell Down” written by Jon Caren, directed by Tony Glazer, and presented by Choice Studios Group. Shooting and editing are complete and the film will appear in upcoming festivals. I play the matriarch of a family with a secret. Watch the trailer... More info on the film and cast...

SEP 2014: I recently completed filming the short, These Things We Hold, in which I star. Written and directed by Tony Glazer and produced by Essence Productions in conjunction with Choice Films. Click for more info...

APR 2014: Late 2013 and early 2014 have been spent convalescing from foot surgery, then a shoulder fracture and a torn rotator cuff. I've politely declined the invitation to throw the first ball of the baseball season! Still in physical therapy and moving forward.

JUL 2013: You can see me in an episode of the comedic web sketch Friends of Dorothy at I'm shattered by revelations that my celebrity heartthrobs are all gay! The bit, produced by Malarkey Pictures, has mostly been deemed "Funny!"

JUN 2013: I'm an Associate Producer of the upcoming two-character film, Milo and Annie featuring Harris Doran, (Junction, My Best Day, Sebastien), and Academy Award nominee, Cathy Moriarty (Raging Bull). It is a story of how love gives voice back to a deeply dysfunctional person who hasn't spoken since the age of six. I'm looking forward to audience reaction as it circulates the festivals. Fingers are crossed about further distribution…

SUMMER 2013: I'm limping through the summer after some foot surgery, but I'll be back in my boots by September.

NOV 26, 2012: I was part of the first reading — for a producer — of Traci Godfrey's new play, My Soul to Fake with fellow castmembers Brian Scott and Tia Hodge. This show has strong prospects for production! Check back for more info...

AUG 2012: I wrapped shooting the independent film Coach of the Year on August 29. In this Match Productions film directed by David Stott, I play the cameo role of a stand-up comedienne.

JUN 2012: I performed in the 2012 New York Avant Garde Festival one-act play, The Girlfriend Experience written by Mark Troy, on June 14 and 16 at the Hudson Guild Theatre: A nutty comedy about what happens when your mother chooses your girlfriends. The piece had already won recent playwriting awards in Palm Springs, CA and Boulder, CO.

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Joanna Bayless
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